Paraval is a street-wear inspired luxury label, based exclusively in Los Angeles. Our clothing line is primarily meant for leisure.

Through our dressing, we seek to pass a message to our audience; we also help you speak to those who see you. Wearing Paraval is an expression of your identity. We have you in mind when we create our elegant designs. Our handiwork seeks to express your individuality. Paraval is not a fad; it is who you are written in quality fabric with a touch of love and a blast of energy that brings out your best. When you wear Paraval, you are not confirming to what society makes you think. You are confirming to your own identity. We seek to make people aware of their authenticity and not to be ashamed of exploiting it. We envisage style, purpose, and functionality behind the designs of all our clothes.

The ethos of our company is to provide you with the perfect blend of high-quality fabric that is also highly aesthetic. Paraval garments are original ideas conceived in the minds of our designers and brought to life by the beautiful handiwork of our seamstresses in the heart of Los Angeles. The stitching and complete manufacturing are all done from scratch in the factories in Los Angeles. The denim in our wear is meticulously selected from the very best from Italy. It is ninety-eight percent cotton and two percent elastin. Once stitched the jeans are washed in precise ways making them softer and unique compared to most products out there. All of our jeans are fifteen ounces of denim. The t-shirts are also manufactured in Los Angeles. They are one hundred percent cotton, which is also flown in from Italy. The sateen in our jackets is from japan, but also hand stitched in LA. We distribute all over the US, from Los Angeles.

Learning from the journey of our company, we are dedicated to empowering young people who have dreams. We want to make a positive impact in the world by providing education to needy people across the globe. These efforts are made possible through the Amani Hope Foundation through whom we provide educational supplies and systems to people. For every Paraval product that you purchase, we give a percentage of our sales to this foundation. Our customer, therefore, is directly changing the lives of people across the globe.

As a brand, we are propelled by creativity and diversity. We take into account the different groups of people and tailor our clothing to their unique expression. We want to merge your expression through your mode of dressing with who you are as a person. This desire informs the color of our clothing as well as their feel on your skin from the material we use. At Paraval, we are committed to making you as confident and comfortable as possible, while at the same time making you look chic and elegant.

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