Have you ever thought to yourself Quality over Quantity? Or high fashion cost too much? Whats the difference between a cheaper shirt? Well, quality is what makes fashion so expensive. "We Have You in Mind When Creating our Elegant designs" is what Paraval has to say for its piece, and as for many of you that are questioning what Paraval is, its a clothing brand that mixes a high end look with quality and effort. Based exclusively in Los Angeles its a brand that is starting to blow up. Releasing Sweatsuits and denim carefully picked from italy. It combines quality with comfort. "At paraval we are committed to making you as confident and comfortable as possible.

   Paraval isnt the only brand that strives to have quality over anything. Luxure Sauvage is an up and coming brand that provides quality materials that are yet also durable. "Whether its time spent working out, or a casual night on the town, we guarantee to have the style for any occasion, while also being in comfort. " They strive to stylish but yet functional. Its the best of both worlds."Lust in elegance be wild in comfort".  Both brands are available to purchase at the fort and many more places. 

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Paraval.us , thefortturbanboutique.com, Kicks Kartel

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Photo Credit: Paraval.us 

luxuresauvage.com , thefortturbanboutique.com , Kicks Kartel