All this talk about the adidas boost, with the Kanye West yeezy, eqt, ultraboost and NMD's, nike has fallen into the past releasing nothing but refurbishing old releases, and so we ask. Nike are you dying? Truth is Nike is the pinnacle of air. Nike was the first to put air in its soles and to be the first running shoe of its sort. We forget about a beautiful shoe because although the unique features it has, it became a shoe of the past. Sean Wotherspoon owner of the Round Two store in Hollywood is a huge fan of the Nike Air Max achieving his own design combining the am 97 and the 1 into one shoe. Starting a campaign "More Air Less Boost" coming out with shirts and revolutionizing the air max and bringing it back to its roots. 

The Air max has been the shoe of the century. Releasing its first air in 1987 and has been releasing new and old pairs ever since. The shoe was a hit in the 90's and early 2000's and still even is a hit now. In an interview at Sneakercon Europe people are choosing the brand new Vapormax over the hyped yeezy and with campaigns like Nikes Revolutionair and Sean's "More air less boost" the classic air max is making a comeback. All these Adidas hype will never kill nike's air max, it will always stay with people forever. No one can beat a classic. A classic will always be a classic. 

Can be purchased: 

Air max 97 ultra future forward Release date: 8/10 

 Womens Air max 97 Ultra Release date: 8/12 7:00 am pst

Vapormax Platinum can be purchased now on nike and any footlocker

Retail: 160-190 

"pic courtesy of hypebeast"